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flexible surface used instead of steel parts where magnetic strip/foil could be sticked on by magnetic force

Flexmetal is a flexible rubber foil with an iron inside. You can use it instead of iron or steel parts/sheets as a base for magnetic strip and foil. The most common use is a complementary part of flexible rubber magnet (strip/foil) in flexible magnetic locks used in ecological multiple usage envelopes and cardboard folders. Flexmetal could be easly covered with a glue (using of a two-sided adhesive tape). Flexmetal with glue is ready to stick nearly to every kind of surface, including bended ones.

There is no way to use two magnetic strips to make a magnetic lock. Strips are pushed away by magnetic repulsive force. Usage of flexmetal strip as a complementary part of magnet is the solution.


PRICE netto for 1 roll, 30 m - 300 PLN

1 EUR = ca 4.2 PLN

Note: the price of cutting the foil into strips is negotiable.


Folia magnetyczna 0,8 mm